Is America (Really) the Greatest Country in the World?
umair haque

Its is interesting to note that while the US has problems, they are in fact first world problems. This is not to diminish them, just to say if you compare the US to some areas in Africa, South America, or Asia, ever our poor are rich. However, I think things can be better, and I think most Americans would agree with this statement. Precisely what to make better and how to make it so, are what we debate about. But the fact we are well fed and generally healthy enough in this country to debate such issues (and not have a civil war over them) is proof enough of greatness. Historically no large powerful (economically, socially, militarily) nation has ever come without large powerful problems. So I pose this slightly larger (admittedly a bit rhetorical) question back to you: Are America’s problems part of what make us greatest?