These days any monkey with a camera can call himself a photgrapher. I am one of those monkeys, even though sometimes i question if a monkey could take better photos. That being said i enjoy it and doing something you enjoy seems like a good idea (call me crazy). When i first purchased my camera i had no idea what i was doing… 3 months later… i still dont know what im doing but i’ve figured out how to capture a picture. Although, there is about 20 buttons on the camera that i have yet to touch/master; the settings are even worst, they make sense, yeah that’s a good setting to use but when it comes down to it i do struggle. If i put more time into it and read a book then maybe i’d know what i was doing. Now that i’m thinking about it, it would probably have been a good idea to read the manual, but im not a big believer in reading to learn something. I’m more of a go out there, mess up and attempt to learn from your mistakes. It’s worked so far… If you’re interested in seeing some of my very very amateur photography then check out my instagram @unreliable_photographer but i wont blame you if you dont