As job-hunters/employees, we use LinkedIn to brand ourselves to potential employees. The reverse is also crucial — to attract top talents, a good employer brand can make your company stand out from the competition. Alex Vong is an employer brand consultant at LinkedIn, who helps companies to achieve their hiring objectives by effectively communicating with their target audience.

“All companies have an employer brand whether you are aware of it or not.” In this interview, Alex shared with us his insights and tips on employer branding.

(1) Can you introduce yourself, what is your background and what is your profession?

Personal branding has become a buzz word nowadays. But before diving into the trend, do you know why it is important? Building an impactful personal brand can help you attract clients to your doorstep, build your authority in the industry, give you a good reputation, and even bring you a price premium!

Clients come to find you

Investing in your personal brand can be the best investment — ever! When you develop an authentic, impactful personal brand, people search for you and come to hire you, instead of you reach out to find leads. Less time and money is spent…

Many of us grew up with Barbie dolls, but have you ever felt that Barbie dolls don’t resonate with you? They are designed according to the “perfect” beauty standard, but they can hardly touch our heart.

Winnie wants to give children more choices of dolls that can better connect with them. That’s why she founded One Dear World, a venture that makes soft toy dolls with diverse race and capabilities. Her vision is that every child can feel represented one way or the other, to appreciate their own uniqueness, self-worth and cultural identity (“See yourself”), and also to learn about…

Master Monday: Q&A with Gary Walter

Have you ever been troubled by the tedious information collection process when you want to buy a property? If yes, you are not alone — this is a problem faced by many. Having worked in the real estate industry for almost 10 years, Gary Walter decided to leave his corporate job to solve this problem. Using a crowdsourcing model, his startup Realinflo provides users with access to transaction data and market insights of the real estate industry, saving them a great deal of time and energy.

Freshly graduated from the Betatron accelerator program, Gary has taken on a new perspective…

Very often, we see people buying luxurious outfits and accessories to make them look more professional and/or superior than others. Many people purchase and wear many makeup items so they can look better. They are essentially leveraging various consumables and product brands to increase their self-worth. Literally, these are cosmetic changes with short-term impact.

This prompted me to question — how about investing in our personal brand?

Personal branding is a strategic concept, it is about creating a desirable perception on yourself, then communicate it to your target audience in a clear, concise and consistent way. …

Have you ever felt excited and thrilled when you see a gift even before opening it? Or have you ever bought something because it is decently wrapped? This, if you ever notice, is the power of packaging and brand presentation. Simon Yeung, young and upbeat entrepreneur of a tailor-made gift consultancy company named “Agréable”, knows how product packaging differentiates your brand from others and contributes to your brand building and recognition. Read his interview with us to learn more now.

Be Mindful When You Build Your Brand

Personal branding is a lot of fun. It is a self-discovery. It is the amplification of your passions and interests. It is leveraging your unique gifts and qualities to offer value to the market. It is so many other things.

But one thing it is not is a license to do as you will. While it may be arguable that “all’s fair in love and war,” in personal branding, prudence reigns and limits rule. Let me explain. Your personal brand is yourself, projected. This means that what you do and say matters. It matters strategically. But it also matters morally

“Cloud” does not only refer to on the sky, for Ruslan Dautov. It means opportunity! As the Founder and CEO of HPCD Lab, Ruslan wants to help companies analyze and manage their spending on multiple cloud platforms. From an idea tested in a hackathon to one of the Cohort 4 graduates in Betatron accelerator program, HPCD Lab has grown a lot, while supporting enterprises to grow. In this interview, Ruslan shared with us his views on which cloud solutions are of high demand lately as well as the current tech trends that he sees regionally and globally. …

Back in the day, personal branding was a term mostly associated with celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes who had the lion’s share of airwaves and television time. In today’s world, however, personal branding is so much more than self-promotion– it’s a career strategy.

Personal branding is critical when it comes to positioning yourself as a professional within an industry. It’s not ‘bragging’; it is how you tell your story– the skills, industry experience, personality, knowledge and genuineness that you possess. Thinking about your personal brand can put you on the path towards job promotions and career advancements. It’s a long-term investment…

Brand Yourself To Get A Job Fast!

Starts with YOU!

You are the star of your life! Everything starts with you!

Even though being away from work can bring its own low points, we would constantly remind ourselves of our strengths, our passion to achieve something on our own merit as well as our burning desire to be that super-mom who took a break when needed and went back to regain her professional identity as soon as she could feel settled about the home dynamics.

Strength is inherent in all of us. …

Frame & Fame

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