Context — exclusive target group — flexible booking — transparency — no scatter loss

1. Context is Queen

With FRAMEN, guests experience brands on a new level. Thanks to branded entertainment as a communication channel, you can put your brand in context and advertise at a Point of Experience. FRAMEN improves the guest experience and provides consumers with inspiring content and relevant news. TV screens in our ecosystem, get maximum attention and enable a new form of storytelling — always in the perspective of your target audience.

2. Reach an exclusive target group

Entrepreneurs, executives and performers working in CoWorking-Spaces are your target group? Your product sells best with guests in luxury hotels? …

What impact does global warming have on your portfolio?

Globalance Invest campaign via FRAMEN at WeWork

FRAMEN supports Globalance Invest in its mission to make financial investments future-oriented

From September to mid-November, Globalance Invest uses FRAMEN as an advertising and experience channel to draw attention to future-oriented investments. With the following urgent message: Very few people think about the impact of global warming or water shortage on their portfolio. FRAMEN enables access to an exclusive, relevant target group. People working in WeWork WeWork are mostly decision makers*, entrepreneurs and top-of-mind people with a strong interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. They are also future-oriented and open to new, better, digital solutions to make the world a little bit better. …

Not only large companies and chains can become screen providers with FRAMEN, because the network is open for every digital surface. Especially in the local area, the bond to smaller businesses, independent, owner-managed stores or even office space, and boutique hotels is particularly strong. In this blog we introduce a Rostock owner-managed co-working space of a special kind.

The two founders, Tino Schößner (Operations & Finance) and Lars Buchfink (Marketing & Customer Service), noticed the advantages of coworking spaces in large urban centers some time ago — and they asked themselves “where are these places in smaller cities? Thereupon Tino and Lars opened their own CoWorking Space, @work in Rostock. The location on more than 1,000 square meters of floor space appeals not only to freelancers, entrepreneurs and start-ups, but also to large and small companies who want to offer their employees more flexibility and room for creativity .

As a coworking space we offer a very…

And how Framen can help your brand do that

Brand safety is currently a particularly sensitive topic. Especially the effectiveness of and the advertiser’s control regarding their campaigns on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) has been discussed heavily. Even recent studies like “Not all Reach is Equal — DACH Edition” found that advertisement on other channels than on social media gets recalled better and has a larger positive effect on consumer buying behavior. Together with the current Facebook scandal regarding the lack of guaranteed brand safety on the platform, this has led many brands to re-evaluate which channels to use for their advertisement.

In general, it’s not possible to…

Why Context is so important and how brands should protect themselves

Brand Safety is the will and strategy to protect the reputation, the goal, and the image of a brand from negative influences or inappropriate content in online advertising. Especially in times of digital marketing with programmatic and automated advertising solutions in the online world, this topic has gained importance. Why is it so important? Consumers never perceive brands in isolation, but always together with the environment in which they are presented. Brand safety is crucial to earn the trust and loyalty of customers.

Due to the effects of the corona shutdown, some companies have drastically reduced their advertising budget or even cut it to zero. However, this is exactly what some studies warn against. Read here, with which success strategies you react effectively to consumer behavior in crisis and turn the current situation into an advantage.

Short-time work, no new hires, reduced annual revenue goals, bonus cuttings — all these are prominent actions of managers in times of the CoVid-19 crisis. However, besides that, almost every company reduced the advertising budget as a first step in its savings plan. …

“Use all the senses to reach your customers!” What theory preaches sometimes looks different in practice. Because brand communication sometimes has to be understandable even when muted: like on screens of DOOH media or even silent advertising in news feeds. Thus, the auditive dimension of perception, with which the consumer is supposed to be drawn deeper into the spell of the brand, is no longer applicable. But it also works without any sound: Read here how you can make your product tangible nonverbally and without words.

more flexibility in display media

An inspiring example that advertising works without spoken words and even without any conversation…


Enabling real time streaming of #new, #ads and #stories on indoor screens. FRAMEN connects advertisers, publishers, and indoor screen providers on our platform.

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