My Challenge to ‘Privileged White Male’ (Ha Ha!) Bourgeois Communists
One Tongue Johnny

Does anyone at all have a serious answer?!

A critical review of the history of revolutions, especially communist ones, shows that the most dangerous thing to be when revolutionaries take power, is a revolutionary.

Successful insurrection resulting in regime change ALWAYS is followed up by a second wave of internal repression, whereby the very ranks of the revolutionary movement are thinned down and mercilessly exterminated by a new grade of deadpan civil servants. Revolution only has any use for revolutionists until their aims have been achieved. After that, comes the predictable and inescapable truth in history, that regime change is really nothing more exciting nor liberating than a swapping-out of bureaucrats to keep government offices up and running.

Fiery-eyed outlaws making inspiring speeches or leading riots or planning acts of terrorism are not the sort of people to be made cabinet officers and department heads and senior advisers. Those are the daily-grind chores of bland functionaries, having nothing whatsoever to do with what it may have taken to bring down an ancien regime.

New forms of governance are essentially a new form of government employment. Throw out all the old box-tickers and document-stampers and committee-chairs, and you set in motion a headlong rush of opportunists looking to take their place and settle into a boring and unobtrusive life of secure public employment. And they ALWAYS show up, and they ALWAYS dutifully take their part in denouncing the very rebels who led the rebellion, for no more than now simply being in the way.

Try doing some research with the terms “Old Bolshevik” and “1937” as keywords, or just look into some names like Kamenev, Zinoviev, Kirov, Radek, Ordzhonikidze, Trotsky (murdered in exile with an ice pick, by a communist), and so many others it would take pages to list them all, to see what happens to revolutionaries at the very hands of the new regimes they help place in power.

History basically tells us, that if you want to commit suicide in some really ignominious and humiliating way, the best way to go about it is to take part in a leftist revolution, then stick around and try to play a role in the new regime.

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