Chose? What happens in utero is much more complex than people fully understand.
Lorraine Heth

no transgender person has brought sexual violence upon anyone ever.

A moot point entirely: when what is at issue, is the licensing of anyone to enter any single-sex space and use as their cover story an invented claim of what they “identify” as, it really doesn’t even have anything to do with who is transgender or who isn’t, any more.

What also astonishes me about the public play this is getting, aside from the generally missed point about the precedent set for executive authority, is that making this sort of broad-brush policy just to be seen doing it, actually ends up negating the rights of women and girls, and essentially mocking the entire question of whether transgenderism is even real.

Public policy done this way usually does have little else besides unintended consequences as results. Objecting to this dangerous way of doing things, from the top of the executive branch down and rule of law be damned, ought have nothing to do with the entire equation of transgender people, real ones or fake ones.

The entire matter is about how to, and how not to, make public policy. The federal government had no business undertaking this, still doesn’t, and never did. Just look at what a mess it has made of it, and everything else it gets its stupid hands on, for your proof.

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