What Men Can Do

A+ to one of today’s male college students, the newest “marginalized class” who haven’t yet learned what is in store for them in that assigned role: you have correctly recited a quite satisfactory list of social-justice talking points. As a reward you may stand some slightly increased chance of not being accused of sexual assault at random by the next girl you spend part of an evening with.


I won’t bother to refute your assertions on the male role as assigned by feminism. With age and experience I have learned far too conclusively that arguing with young men who believe themselves sympathetic to the feminist cause (whichever de rigeur form it is taking), is but an exercise in futility.

You will find out, I assure you, what the meaning of feminism really is, and what the intentions toward men and manhood by its adherents really are. I will not be able to warn you off nor will any other older man with further experiences you have not yet had.

And whatever your own beliefs about what men can, must or might do, yes, you will find out: in your own experiences and your own relationships. Like so very many men who thought they thought just like you say you do, have found out.

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