Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

After reading this bit of worn-out college-town liberal boilerplate, I’m thinking about registering for the first time in years, JUST TO VOTE FOR TRUMP.

If this would mean a setback for the runaway freight train of big-mouthed progressivist hypocrisy sweeping over the whole world, it would not be a wasted vote. I’ve had WAY more than my fill of these swaggering, arrogant liberal knowitalls and their little labels and conspiracy theories explaining everything about everyone they don’t approve of from their safe little ivory towers.

Go ahead, call me racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, whatever. I’m sick of you elitist yuppies preaching your narrow-minded, self-congratulating hate and calling it “tolerance”.

And if you honestly think, author, that you have something to fear from me, that alone says more than enough about just how clueless you are about what anyone needs to fear or not fear. Personally, the idea of a senile old also-ran coat-tailing her way into the White House with her GirlCard after making a catastrophe of everything she has ever been involved in heretofore, is damn scary. But if you need to fear a 60-year-old man impressing his juniors IN PRIVATE with some silly sexist brazenness, you go ahead on.

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