The “Collusion” Conspiracy Theory’s Moving Goalposts
Austin Frank

This Don Jr. business comes nowhere close to delivering the goods.

And still, as it has been all along, the Elephant in the Wings that nobody wants to talk about by way of outcomes, is that the “goods” to be “delivered” is a man named Mike Pence.

When the leftists and the Never-Trumpers alike have succeeded together in ousting by all indications a duly-elected President, the next thing they all get to hear for their trouble is, “I, Michael Pence, do solemnly swear….”

So I’m thinking “Not My President” by now is just SO done. What can we suppose the new slogan will be, when a right-to-life midwestern conservative who proudly seeks chaperonage when meeting with women not his wife, is the man the not-my-president crowd has APPOINTED?

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