I love this, and for several reasons:
Ron Collins

And then of course, is polling and surveys.

Let’s see here:

Distinct from conflicted departures from the prohibition on bans, limitations or other curtailments of overturning the prior understandings of “consent”, is the idea that one can or may not be able to articulate intentions when the grasp of current rules is overshadowed by the possibility, that either they are being popularly adhered to or may not be. Has this ever happened to you?

  • agree strongly
  • agree slightly
  • no opinion either way
  • disagree slightly
  • disagree strongly

Whereupon, those 57% who mark any of the bottom three of the five possible responses and are men at one small college, will then be written up in the New York Times as

“Nearly two-thirds of American male students support rape culture”

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