Meg these claims are largely true.
arthur lecuyer

let’s face it, at the bottom of all perceived ills lies a white male

Anybody who wants to can rationalize and hemm and haww all they want about PC-yes, PC-no, PC bad/good, PC exists/doesn’t exist.


Here are (I think….) the Intersectional Rules of Conditionally Free Speech:

If you are a Person of Color, you can say whatever the fuck you want.


if you’re a straight POC, then anything you say that might be offensive to someone gay is ruled “satire” and (probably) taken as well-meaning;


you are a male POC, whereupon you can only say WTF you want if it does not offend women, and you don’t get to decide that, they do;


if you are white but female, you can say WTF


if WTF you say offends someone of color


if you are a white female who is straight, easy on the dike jokes


otherwise you’re good;


if you are straight, white and male, listen closely:

you have the right to remain silent

anything you say can and will be used against you

even if it is what you are ordered by anyone female, gay or of color or any combination of the above intersectionalities to say

but any of them decide they didn’t like the way you said it


anyone who wants to can go ahead and deny all the above being true. Most likely they are not white, straight and male, or if they are, they are mortally terrified of losing the approval of others who are not, from whom they submissively and pathetically try to borrow their own right to breathe air and take up space;


I decoded the whole thing as a great big setup years ago, and refused to live by any of these rules. I no longer care if WTF I have to say, about anything, to anyone, offends anyone or doesn’t, or if I do care it is by my own criteria that I decide what to say or not say, and by no one else’s,


anyone who doesn’t approve of me for that


can go fuck themselves.

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