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I would love to post your comment on my blog at Male Matters USA.

Anything I write is for anyone who reads it to make of what they can or do. I do ask informally that if you quote me, cite me, but just as a matter of etiquette rather than ownership.

As for your previous inquiries, I don’t know if your trying to delete them was because you re-read my earlier thing and saw it differently or what, but my referring to training about misogyny, etc, was to a sort of lifelong saturation in the standing accusation that any man is by nature a misogynist oppressor of women, not training in how to be that.

Although either your misreading or my rhetorical ambiguity does point to an elaborate irony: that to raise generations of men to think that they are guilty of doing women wrong no matter what, just for existing, or what I call “the crime of Breathing While Male”, has had a lot of unintended consequences. Being regarded as either apes, children or monsters merely for one’s sex, probably does lead more men to disrespect women in return than anyone has ever tried to calculate.

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