The Nazi Delusion Fantasy
Austin Frank

As crudely as I dare put it, it’s just the same old shit but out of different assholes. Look at any enduring mass psychosis of gleeful hatred and you will see the same dynamic: that it is not necessary to be the evil thing itself to be called evil, one only need be not enough like those doing the accusing to be at least in league with the evil.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

If you’re not for us, you’re against us.

If you’re not a Christian, you’re a heathen.

If you’re not a Muslim, you’re an infidel.

If you’re not Jewish, you’re goyim.

If you’re not a Klansman, you’re a coon-loving race traitor.

If you’re hearing anti-Soviet jokes and not reporting them, you’re a Trotskyite.

If you’re not a snitch for the FBI, you’re a communist.

If you’re not a preening macho musclehead, you’re queer bait.

If you’re not apologizing for being male, you’re a rape apologist.

If you’re not hanging on Paul Elam’s every word, you’re a feminist.

If you’re not serving your country, you’re a draft dodger.

If you’re not marching for peace, you’re a baby killer.

If we don’t see you in church next Sunday, you’re a witch.


See any common threads emerging here?

Making someone play the role of the unutterably-evil Other has nothing at all to do with what one IS, it only requires a casual denunciation based on what one IS NOT.

Clearly, the old shit being squeezed from new assholes, the ones wearing black masks, is that if you do not wear a black mask and go mosh-pit-berserk en-headlong-masse across public spaces and thrashing anyone in your path while making the very law enforcement community precisely trained to contain such mayhem too chicken-shit scared to even make the attempt to,

you’re a Nazi.

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