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Been there, done that. When they decided to make young women into human shields by filing their reckless and childish suit against Selective Service to demand women be made to sign up, I first challenged them on their motives, then was treated to a stream of such unbelievably irresponsible vindictiveness that I wondered if this were not a pack of sixteen-year-olds I was talking to.

When language like “this will at least teach feminists a lesson” got repeated to me in interpersonal dialogue with several of them often enough, I was so disgusted at this thoughtless and willful endangerment of women for no more than making a political statement, that I asked to have my membership terminated, and was accommodated.

I have ZERO use for the movement mindset. It reduces human life to a political chessboard, and requires adherents to it to absolutely part company with their own concept of themselves as neighbors among neighbors first, and instead adopt an arrogant messianic posture and self-image which leads inevitably to soulless megalomania and usually to blind allegiance to emergent personality cults.

If I’m to have any effect on the making of a better world, and I may or may not, I will do so as MYSELF, and not as any marching member of some self-appointed cult of world-savers. Those people are just dangerous, and it doesn’t matter what banner they fly nor what rhetoric they mindlessly intone.

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