I’ve wondered this myself.
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Best I can tell, this idea of the hyper-rational is a weird way of hijacking one of the primary laws of mathematics: if a=a and b=b and a=b, then b=a. The mindset we see again and again is built around the basic notion that “what is correct is what is correct” and “what I think is what I think” and “I think what is correct”, therefore “what is correct is what I think.” Which naturally postulates that what YOU think, whatever it is, however well-supported by the evidence, however obvious or demonstrable, MUST be incorrect, because a=a.

The problem arises, of course, when a does not equal b, nor can b possibly equal a. It must therefore be YOU who has the problem, for denying that they do equal one another. And that would, naturally, be because of your white privilege, which grants you the warped and unnatural power to be correct in your own right, which it has been decided makes you “hyper-rational.”

Get it? Got it? Good. Quiz on Friday.

(OMG! This IS Friday…)

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