I read this at just the right time.
Randomly Me

I was this close to reporting someone for harassment, but you’re right.

Don’t read me wrong: I do report various posts as “harassment” rather frequently, based on criteria such as pieces aimed at “white people” as if being that were a crime in itself. I press that button not as often as the “block this user” one, mostly as an exercise in creating a digital record that not everyone takes undisguised racism and other unapologetic hate speech as being “woke.”

I also harbor no delusion that this alleged “Medium staff” could give a rat’s ass what ever gets reported as “harassment” unless such reporting is done by someone they have “recommended” due to their continual indulging in undisguised racism and other unapologetic hate speech. It is a one-man message to Medium, that at least one of us is not taken in by their promoting of divisive and intolerant propaganda, and at least one of us finds it less than praiseworthy.

But with the full knowledge, of course, that no such author I had reported will ever face the least consequence for their harassment. Calling outright for someone to be banned, and seeking group support in the calling for it, is altogether something different.

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