Hey Guys, I’ve Tried Everything Short of Begging
Erika Sauter

Erika Sauter, just to clarify, I don’t promote anyone nor any group online financially because I simply can’t afford it. I’m not doing anything online myself to try and make money either, so there is no sense of reciprocity for me to answer to; the activity for me is purely habit and pastime.


Since sometime around Charlottesville, I have decided to be very discriminating, to the point of almost never, on this business of clicking whatever symbol of approval a given venue provides. And here on Medium this idiotic “clapping” thing is so obviously a way of quantifying and thereby profiling people’s ideological slants, that I decided immediately not to use it at all, ever, for anything. No more clicks from me, period. Nothing personal, I’m just tired of being bot-analyzed and really don’t want to help out the bots in making their reports to SPLC or whoever it is they send off their profiles to in order to build data-sets to denounce people with, any more than a minimum.

I’ve even augmented my serial-blocking habits by expanding the practice onto Twitter, and will block the occasional right-winger when they are a tad too gunsy or chem-trailsy for my tastes. I figure, the more politically ambiguous and nonsensical my data-trail looks to some ideo-algorithm tasked with protecting the world from fascists, the more likely it is that maybe someday the things will short themselves out from utter confusion. Or something.

Picture that scam on the original “The Italian Job” movie from the sixties: they figured out to do an analog-equivalent of “hacking” a whole city’s traffic lights to have them all go green at once. I have this fantasy that this “intersectionality” nonsense will one day cause such a horrific traffic jam like that from everyone trying to crowd through the same intersecting grievance-thoroughfares at the same time, and the whole of 21st century leftism will just come to a grinding halt while everyone gets out in the street and starts to yelling at one another.

Actually, I think it’s already happening. The smart conservative today would just sit back and enjoy the show while liberalism merrily self-destructs by chewing off its own appendages, with politically-correct self-policing become so harsh and impossible to comply with that everyone subjecting themselves to it is going around trying to denounce somebody before they get denounced themselves.

The trick, I think, is just to steer clear of it while the riots burn themselves out. The digital equivalent for me, is not to “like” anything, anywhere. For whatever it’s worth, I’m thinking that all this current fashionable insanity on public display will sooner or later just exhaust itself. Today really isn’t all that different from the psychotic early seventies in that way, and it did pass.

I’m wondering in your situation if you aren’t also experiencing a kind of withdrawal and circumspection from people who maybe five years ago would have gladly signed on for your efforts. Maybe this just isn’t the best time in history, to be “self-promoting” at all? It seems more dangerous than it’s worth from where I sit, but you can determine that for yourself, just sayin….

Say “hi” to the Russian ladies for me, will ya?

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