The feminist belief (I consider it so not because of any feminist writing I am aware of but because…
Douglas Milnes

Feminist behavior in the real world is the ultimate exercise in blame-shifting, open hypocrisy and self-exoneration.

They will preach about some male obsession with “power and control” while grabbing all the power and forcing all the control they can manage, by any means available, and regardless of cost in anyone’s lives.

They will moralize and speculate about what men must be up to without any women around, commanding us all to assume that this must certainly be some kind of plot against women (“conspiracy theory” is the term that comes to mind), while shamelessly plotting against men, calling for horrific violence on us as if anyone male deserves it, laughing publicly about men being castrated or murdered by women, not even bothering to conceal it, then arrogantly, childishly proclaim they have a right to behave this way because patriarchy.

They will sermonize and agitate about some total requirement for “gender equality” in the work world, while forcing themselves into high-ranking and privileged positions and utterly ignoring hazardous work done only by men and professions such as teaching young children which have been completely dominated by women for generations, and come unglued when anyone points out the laughable inconsistency of their arguments, or point to some situation a century ago as justification for women having whatever they might demand today.

They will demand and secure the authority to tell any and all men what a “good man” is, on female terms and oblivious of any man’s actual wishes in his own life, and then surround themselves with Clintons and Bidens and pathetic but apparently sexy “bad boys”, and never miss a beat in their sermons about “toxic masculinity.”

They will promote a rigid and vicious continual claim that civilization favors men by default, accuse any man of “patriarchy” and “misogyny” and “discrimination” when he makes so bold as to think or decide anything for himself, and all the while wallow lavishly in government programs, work privileges, health care priorities and grant awards crafted exclusively for women with no parallel benefits available to men, and with wide-eyed ersatz innocence announce it must be this way because patriarchy.

They will wreck a man’s life on a whim, or advise other women to do so, with fabricated allegations of crimes from sexual harassment to gang rape, call it service to “a narrative” when their claims are proven false, blandly assert that if the one fake charge was not true it might as well have been because patriarchy, and take not a thought to the institutional and societal disbelief they thus create when a woman is truly harmed by any of these terrible acts. The bigger goal, they will claim, is to wreck the patriarchy.

The feminist mindset and world view is utterly bereft of any such thing as “social conscience”, entices women to hold themselves accountable for nothing and to no one, laughs mercilessly at any form of male grievance, suffering or lowered status, and all the while falling back under challenge to some obscure definition in a dictionary and whining, “all we want is equality.”

And tellingly enough, it has been in large part from WOMEN, who despise, abhor and reject such an infantile, entitled and carelessly destructive vision for their own lives, that I have begun to learn and comprehend all of the above.