The “Pro Life” Section

For as often as women like to say to men, “it isn’t just about YOU”, I wonder why it is so hard for anyone male or female, to accept that referring to “life” is used in this context in behalf of human beings who have no opportunity or voice to speak in their own behalf?

I won’t take or defend any position regarding abortion here, but I have to wonder why anyone would just glibly politicize away the fact that any discussion about abortion is one about two lives, not just what one woman decides to do with her own body. Yes, she has the right by the laws of the lands, to make one or the other choice. But here I see that she only has one choice worth making according to the gallery, and that apparently by default any hint that she might make that other one is not even worth discussing, or even being given the decency and respect of being taken seriously as anything but some further component of some alleged denial of rights to women.

Not all about you, my ass. Listen to yourselves. Isn’t it?

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