How much money in total are we talking about, here?
Kady M.

How much money in total are we talking about, here?

From what I read of your own output, Kady M., I wager you would be more qualified to nail down a figure than I, whichever way one might interpret your question.

In terms of annual budgets, the usual figure thrown around out of DOJ is some “$660 million”, though I am only familiar with that number by means of press accounts and not from any official source. PLUS, almost all my own research had concentrated on the Justice Department’s OVW system, which says nothing whatsoever of what amounts are disbursed out of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) which has its own authority under VAWA to create and administer grants as well, mostly as I understand it related to immigration issues.

If you are asking about amounts misappropriated, I have done the roughest of calculations based on totals from the “dollar-related findings” pages on each DOJ/OIG audit report, added them up per annum and averaged those into a hypothetical figure of 5000 grant recipients (again, a hard number to be precise about and this estimate based on press accounts), and any way I did the math came up with totals of “questioned costs” which actually exceed by nearly twice, the $660m annual budget estimate.

(The translation, is that it may be possible that almost two times the money allocated lawfully has somehow gone missing, potentially every year since VAWA’s launch in 1994.)

I’m glad you asked the question, whatever it means and whatever your angle of interest. And I’m glad someone way more statistically literate than I (believe me) wants to find out.

My suggestion is;


What I do know with some degree of certainty, is that any hard figures you can put together, will illustrate a network of fiscal organized crime, far worse even than how I have been portraying it.

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