I’m leaving Facebook on the 1st of March. Join me for a break-up day.
Michal Matlon

Good for you.

As for me, I saw through the thing, and the man behind it, from the beginning. And never joined that monstrosity in the first place. Ever. And have watched in alarm and dismay for over a decade, as the most intrusive, exploitative, addictive consumer gimmick in human history transformed into a thing people now see not only as essential and indisposable, but worse still, mundane and innocuous.

I decline even to pronounce the word or spell it out, but I hear and see it every single day, used as commonly as “phone” or “washing machine”, by people who blandly refuse to examine the intent behind the rise of an empire, and one which has made not even the least covert attempt to disguise its ultimate aims: to own and operate the human species.

People will become offended when I try and tell them what they are playing with. People will act as if I have some mental illness symptomized by my decisive lack of a presence in that realm of cyberspace they find as normal to enter as breathing. I have been castigated and diagnosed in long-form again and again in online discussions by these junkies who cannot withstand being told that their pusher is laughing at them and their naive stupidity while using the information they serve up by the truckload about themselves to build his regime of absolute power.

It may not be possible to stop farcebook, to dismantle it, to reverse the harm already done nor prevent the far worse harms yet even to begin. But I will know that I was one of the very, very few who played no part in handing the human future over to a lucky opportunistic hacker of mediocre intellect, whose primary achievement has been to recognize how bovinely stupid the human race can be, and how to use that as a source of unimaginable power.

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