Donald Trump’s Cruelest Trick Yet
Luke O'Neil

Good grief, what an unfathomably reckless, juvenile, stupid line of unreasoning: your fragile psyches are coming apart over an election result, because the guy who won it is making this happen to you?

I’d thought I had seen every possible preposterous manifestation of the permanent-victim culture that is leftism, and these last eight years of bathroom decrees, rape hoaxes and suspensions of civil liberties in the name of “social justice” have given us plenty of such examples to compare to, but this is something new:

The idea that your recent stylish and addictive pscycho-social mental breakdowns (which anyone not having one can easily recognize as the compulsive fashion sense that is Protest Chic gone metastatic) is actually, according to yet another mentally unstable SJW having his trendy meltdown here above for all to pity him for, the fault of the guy who got elected to a civil-service job who wasn’t the one they wanted for it.

Listen to yourselves already, you overgrown children, you silly herd-followers who only think you believe in things because you have lived in fear of others’ disapproval for not believing in them so long that you have come to believe your own bullshit.

Your little meltdowns, your little outbursts, your little “feels”, are no one’s fault but your own. Your fraud of a mindset has been revealed as a gargantuan, multi-generational scam of fake ideology. Your illusion of being “woke” has been in fact revealed as you having lulled yourselves to sleep all this time.

You can’t take it, that what you had yourselves convinced was being “concerned” for “the poor” and “the planet” or whatever it is you congratulate yourselves for saving with sympathy on a given day, is nothing but a recipe for bureaucracy, fraud and endless propaganda by those who grow hyper-wealthy on your limitless and reliable supply of stupid.

And all it took was a regularly-scheduled, legitimately conducted election, to throw you out of your safe little prams?

It turns out a great many people in this country want nothing to do with your socialist nightmare and your culture of justice-by-denunciation, or your Stalinist notions of rule-by-decree when the tedium of rule of law delays your little social engineering experiments. It turns out enough of us have never been fooled by you, and enough of us turned out to say so last month, that you have quite by your own means worked yourselves out of a job and into historic obsolescence.

But do you learn from your voluminous mistakes, from your mountains of misjudgment, or your endless sanctimonious dismissals of half a country’s people for their WrongThink?

No, hell no, that would violate Rule One of the Social Justice Charter, that the “woke” are never actually responsible for anything, or answerable to anyone, least of all to themselves. One must not have a personal “conscience” and live by it, that would interfere with having social “consciousness” to be effortlessly hypnotized by. The job of woke-ness, it seems, was always to lay blame on others for any pet issue of your owner-operators’ fashionable choosing.

Only now, the chosen perpetrators, the ones to blame, are you: you are the cause, for what is happening to you.

And you are so unfamiliar with this idea, so unprepared to face your own flaws and culpabilities, that you show every sign of continuing to embarrass yourselves and throw away what credibility you may have ever had among non-Marxists unlike your select selves, in trying to blame anyone, anyone, but yourselves, for what has been your own stupidity and arrogance, all along.

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