Pathological Altruism
Jason E

Great term for an indeed contagious and pandemic form of emotional instability. It can be added to the list along with Depression Envy, Holocaust Envy, Sixties-Reenactment Disorder and a good one I ran across in a comment thread on The Federalist the other day: “Selma Envy.”

These young, insular, pampered, spoiled, (and above all) bored “millennials” have been subjected all their lives to messages from their baby-boom elders of their being inferior due to having missed out on great suffering events of the past, and have apparently developed as a component of their own world views the obsessive need to conjure grave moral crises out of thin air and then stage their highly visible reactions to them, all out of an obviously emotionally insecure and immature need to be seen trying to save the world by means of their trumpeting their own presumptive superior moral code.

(Which, of course, is not even any individual’s personal code at all, but the widespread result of years of intensive propaganda and Pavlovian emotional training they have been compelled to undergo; but such is the nature of this mass social programming’s end-product, that the individual is indeed convinced that they personally believe passionately in imposed ideas which merely amount to a script, or template if you will, which they have been indoctrinated to improvise on continually.)

Ultimately, it is the runaway after-effects of the conjoining of Participation Trophy education and Selma-Envying political brainwashing throughout young people’s lives. I can’t for the life of me conceive of what will ever immunize these poor sods from this intense toxin working in their brains; mostly I just try and stay out of the places where such behavior is encouraged and enabled and rewarded. Pure insanity.