We are going to have to agree to disagree.
Kathy Jacobs

I am curious — Did you read the article?

Honestly, I did my best to. It reads so precisely like the last hundred or so exactly like it, the sort of content that was the main reason I quit LinkedIn a couple of years ago, that it was only a personal affinity for your liking my poetry that drove me even to try.

Frankly, I’m long past bored with all this talk about “gender equality.” In professional terms, it is a selective bias toward lucrative, cushy, benefits-rich fields that supposedly just HAVE to have more women in them, or, what? The sky will fall? Life as we know it will end? The sun won’t rise tomorrow? What?

We keep being preached at about this so-called “equality”, but it always comes out the same: give women what women are supposed to want whether they want it or not, and men be damned. Everything is our fault anyway, yada-yada-yada.

And I have yet to see a coherent case made, for WHY this “equality” is even a good idea, or a necessary achievement to aim for.

I look at all these drives to get women into a select few fields whether women want in them or not, and meanwhile ignoring outright anything that might be dangerous or require a gal to get her hands dirty, and all I see is bigotry, sexism (not from men, other than those pathetic allegedly male souls climbing onboard for self-preservation’s sake) and a hunt for an artificial advantage quite irrespective of what any one woman may actually want in life and utterly oblivious to the hundreds of high-risk things men are expected to do mostly because no woman will touch their professions with a ten-foot pole.

So there isn’t “gender equality” in some cherry-picked microcosm of civilization? SO WHAT? Why on earth should I or anyone care, what a few statisticians tell us supports some idiotic conspiracy theory about women being oppressed? Frankly, my dear, I just don’t give a damn.

And if any woman out there lets my not giving a damn hold her back, she needs a helluva lot more than quotas, and “wooing”. Women I know and have known over a lifetime, get what they want because they want it. Where are THOSE, to follow on your opening question, in your field of vision?