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How odd: this list reads like a bio on just about every man I ever saw get abandoned by his children’s mother, once she decided that a monthly check was more “compatible” with her lifestyle aims than a man was.

Here’s a little hint: spending your life as a man sucking up to women, trying to prove to them what a sensitive, caring nurturer a guy is, is probably the best way to get disrespected, used up and discarded by women, and seen as a limp-wristed halfwit by everyone else.

Healthy men aren’t rare at all. You just need to get away from the slithering creeps like you describe here, and go where men live, act, work and think like MEN, and with no apologies for it. Another hint: your average re-education camp — er, I meant “university campus” - is no place to start looking, if you want to find out what manhood on its own terms looks like, which clearly you have no concept of.

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