How to Write a Viral Think Piece
Lauren Modery

I don’t know about think-pieces per se, but I have definitely observed as an author who doesn’t lift a finger to build follower numbers and really doesn’t give a rat’s ass who likes what I write or doesn’t, that my highest view numbers, by orders of magnitude, are on one- and two-sentence comments added to some SJW-adored thread where I say something to really, as in really, really, piss them off.

They LOVE it.

One little throwaway which proved this big-time, was this:

And here I thought Uber was all about making cars without drivers; turns out at least some of the staff raise making mountains out of molehills to a fine art.
Tank tops? Seriously?

That’s the whole thing: some 33 words.

It got nearly two thousand views, and four shares. Four.

This from a guy who averages maybe twenty views a post.

My conclusion: what people love to viralize, is not stuff they love, but stuff that makes them go to an eleven-nine-sixteen (11/09/16) level of triggered emotional/political outrage. Proof positive for my purposes, that losing an election and having their faction’s head handed to it on a pewter platter, means these people are now having the time of their lives admiring themselves for how woke-ly distraught they are.

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