Hi Ron,
Rebecca Lemke

I am more than willing to discuss difficult topics and flaws within the church, I just need a bit more of a general direction.

I don’t really have any particular topic in mind, nor certainly any agenda to pursue or point to prove. More like, as I’m sure you know, when a person with any familiarity at all with having a “Christian upbringing” spots another one, it is because there are things we already understand about one another and have in common. One doesn’t have to take any approach of “you had to be there”, one already knows the other has been there.

Sort of like being far from home, and meeting up with somebody by chance who comes from the same part of the world.

You probably have had that experience, where you may not have ever even met the person before but it turns out you know a lot of the same silly things, obscure little trivia like some eccentric waitress at a familiar cafe or how everybody wonders how some park or building with a weird name ever got named that. The minutiae held in common, makes you brethren of a sort; sometimes, it is even some cue revealed in how they express themselves that leads you to conclude you come from the same place.

Like if I met somebody out west who dropped the terms “hoagie” or “scrapple” or said anything about what a proper soft pretzel requires, I wouldn’t even have to ask if they came from somewhere near Philly, and in minutes we could probably be discussing like old pals how the whole area changed after they built the King of Prussia mall, and how about those Phillies?

So not in any creepy or presumptuous or intrusive way, I feel like I already know you. You’ve been there, and I can tell, because I have too. My overture is mostly along the “how about those Phillies” lines. It doesn’t mean we’ll be friends, but it does mean we probably would be astonished how much we already have in common.

If you can work with all that, keep responding, and we’ll see what pops up.

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