. I do hope so indeed.

safe spaces where social justice nonsense is the law of the land

I doubt that such places with such people in them will ever disappear entirely. Like bohemianism and hippie-school-bus wanderlust and back-to-the-land escapism, today’s exaggerated, affected and pretentious “social justice” schtick will probably far outlive its brief and chaotic run at large-scale legitimacy as an attempted way of life by more than a privileged but dissatisfied few. There probably will always be enclaves of perennial “dissidents” who thrive only on styling themselves some sort of vanguard of change, and whose worst private fear is that history might afford them a platform to act on what they say they believe rather than just claiming to be “resisting” the functioning beliefs of others.

I think that what has just ended, and ignominiously, is one of those times when history turned toward the bohemians and said, “okay, go for it.”

It wasn’t what they wanted. It isn’t what they are suited for.

It is far less entertaining, and emotionally gratifying in its obsessive-compulsive way, to suddenly be in charge, to be the mainstream, than it is to remain on the fringes and be continually fueled by a sense of moral outrage against seemingly incurable injustices. The very best part, was always that there was no cure. Being called on to actually find the cure, to be the cure, was never part of the plan.

And I guarantee you: the SJW set is enjoying themselves a lot more now, as the edgy and oh-so-relevant “resistance” they always thought of themselves as, than they ever did when they actually held power and influence, and the responsibilities that come with them: to lead, and to get things done. Those never did fit their preferred bohemian lifestyle.

Which is all leftism is: a lifestyle. For those who can afford to indulge in it.

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