The liberal betrayal of the Clinton victims

I have read dozens of articles explaining in graphic detail why rape victims don’t want to report, don’t go public, don’t trust the system, nearly all of them coming from the political left in defense of VAWA, Title IX/Dear Colleague and other intervention-oriented programs purportedly to help female victims.

So now I am astonished (though probably shouldn’t be) at how these same voices are shouting each other down in defense of rapist Bill Clinton and rape-enabler/apologist Hilary: how these women have no right to bring all this up after all these years, how they cannot possibly be telling the truth, how they are imagining, exaggerating or cynically fabricating their claims, how a lawyer defending a rapist she knows is guilty is no hypocrite for laughing about it afterward, etc, etc.

To be blunt, I never have believed all these cries of moral outrage in women’s behalf were sincere in the first place. I see them as opportunistic, sanctimonious and even hoped-for as a kind of NIGYSOB game of catching those evil woman-hating conservatives saying things they can construe as evil woman-hating.

So now, given a chance for all these virtue-signalling ersatz protectors of women to put their principles before their politics, to uphold what they claim to believe before exonerating this First Woman President-Designate whom I don’t think any of them really even believes in, what do they do instead?

They turn on the victims, they flee from their sacrosanct principles to first believe them, they dither and obfuscate and eviscerate, they do what they do best and just explain away any conduct by any of their chosen icon-figure-heads that discomfits them, and shame only themselves in the process.

Shame, shame, SHAME on liberalism and its utter contempt for women. Shame on its using them as human shields to hide their globalist agenda behind. Shame on their hollow-meaningless sloganeering that folds and flees at the first sign of credible challenge.

Believe me, I think I get it. Once I thought I was one of you, all femenviroprogressive and whatnot. I’d bought the whole package. But after spending a little more time in the actual adult world and away from safe spaces like college towns and workplace cliques, I realized I needed to outgrow this adolescent, never-accountable world view and quickly. Frankly, it just became too embarrassing to uphold.

As this author should be embarrassed for trying to explain away what he so pathetically has tried, and failed, to explain away.

Shame. On. You.

response to:

The truth about Kathy Shelton, the 12-year-old rape victim Trump used to attack Hillary Clinton

[this reply did not appear on the original post, as I have painstakingly blocked all Medium authors writing for leftist rag ThinkProgress and that user-name itself, but found the article by means of a google search on the Kathy Shelton case.]

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