I’ve been thinking about this; the real social construct is the conditioned disposability of men.
Jhagi Bhai

He is the only man capable of destroying it.

I have to disagree with you there. Feminism will be at long last done in by two things: the obvious and repulsive self-loathing of feminist women, whose primary aggregate grievance is against nature for making them something they don’t like being; and by the widespread and dramatic rejection of the feminist mindset by so very many women who actually DO honor themselves for being what they are and have no craven lust to destroy manhood in a project to purchase self-respect for themselves.

Donald Trump has hardly the material as a man, to present any challenge to feminism other than as a caricature and an effigy. Indeed, he makes himself so easily available to such portrayals, to such childishly exaggerated claims of any sort of danger he represents to feminist values, that it will be feminists themselves, who show no hesitation whatsoever to make utter asses of themselves in making clear how obsessively they bother with despising one mere man, who stoke the flames of feminism’s own movementicide.

Maybe a reason so many women did vote for Trump in that regard, was not so much that he personally could dismantle feminism (no man is that powerful nor ever could be), but that by being such an unapologetic antithesis to everything feminism demands of male identity, the idea of Trump might be Trojan horse enough to induce feminism to dismantle itself.

If the extreme, juvenile, impulsively self-indulgent folly that these “marches” manage to portray as indicative of today’s feminism, and the extreme and articulate rejection of their value to civilization which so many are expressing, are any evidence, I’d say that the self-destruction of feminism at feminist’s own hands, is already well underway.

And none too soon. But I give The Donald himself no credit for that at all.

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