People Think I’m Creepy & I Don’t Know How To Fix It
Duke Harten

I have two tips for you:

  • Get off of farcebook. Completely. What is it anyone needs to be owned and operated by a private-sector spy network for, anyway?
  • Stop pursuing women, in any way. Ever. Clearly, what is creepy to them is not your ways and means but your obviousness, which betrays without you even seeing it that you are telling yourself one thing and meaning another: you act to them like you want it to be all casual, but everything I read here says you really do want to be loved. You’re barking up the wrong tree with this attempted-PUA thing, and you plainly aren’t the type for it. Believe me, the casual thing is catastrophically over-rated.

What is it you want sex for, anyway? You tipped your own hand right at the top here:

everybody is entitled to the pursuit of love.

Are they? Who says? And, is it sex you want, or love, or women’s approval, or just validation of your manhood in these times when being a man is all but illegal to begin with?

You want love, but you aren’t offering it in return. Yes, that is creepy.

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