What makes a man?
John Gorman

I just have to wonder, just as I wonder every time I see one of these self-flagellating exercises in approval-seeking feminist boilerplate, the kind that try to “re-define masculinity”:

Whose approval, exactly, is our author after here?

And if he gets it, how does that work out for him?

In my experience, the approval-seeking male, who begs forgiveness for being what he is, who learns diligently to recite leftist dogma as presented to him and then who goes to the next level of presenting it as his own thoughts, who accepts at face value the nonsensical idea that his genitalia and skin tone must certainly be associated with the root causes of all evil in the world, who undertakes endless antics of publicly-displayed Marxist-style self-criticism,

makes a good pet.

Good boy. Go lay down. Stay. Goooooood boy.

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