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how are you going to get here for the wedding Ron?

I knew even as I was pounding out my inexcusable rant about jet travel, that I was in the act of throwing out Lana-bait. And, that true to form, she would take it not personally but in the spirit intended: as a sermon, an exercise in absolutist bombast, a portrait in unforgiving hyperbole, and not personally directed at her at all.

But as for the nup-chels, we have been through that again and again: Halifax, and you can get there however you like. Leif Erickson managed it, and I daresay someone as unstoppable as my sweet intended bride could find a way too if she set her formidable mind to it. As for me, darling, I would walk there if that was what it took, to be at long last in the embrace of my heretofore only-digital beloved.