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what’s the point of arguing about best models?

I know full well what a schtick I make on these pages, of my little cow-town existence, but it really is a thing. I don’t know if it would be anybody else’s best model; I expect this is something to do with why such places indeed do have so few people preferring, as I do, to live in them.

But around here, the only time any discussion of “best model” even comes up, is about Milwaukee versus DeWalt (ever the iconoclast, I’m a Ryobi man myself) or John Deere versus Case. Well-brought-up folks know better than to get into Ford versus Chevy, as this a tad personal. Plus, of course, I’m also a Dodge enthusiast…

But if pressed among Yankees and yuppies, whose dialect I do speak in some fluency, I’d say “live and let live” is the model which best allows for your above-stated concerns. In a region peopled by a variety of humanity from Mennonite to Muslim, Catholic to Church of Christ, agnostic to backslider, y’all might be surprised how well such a model tends to serve.

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