Dear Dudes: This Is What Rape Culture Looks Like
Alan Linic

Of all the types of comments seeking to cast doubt on these women for coming forward, this category of shaming made my skin crawl the most.

Dude, I know the feeling:

The first little magic-markering, over the name of “complainant”, obscures the name Kathy Shelton. She was twelve, dude. The case is State of Arkansas v Thomas Alfred Taylor 75–203, Washington County, Arkansas. But then I figure you knew that, dude, what with all this concern over survivors being blamed, and whatnot.

Go ahead, dude, spin away. Others have tried. It’s become something of a tradition, among fans of this defense counsel. If you say anything even resembling “a lawyer doing her job”, then nothing else in your rote exercise in damseling-by-proxy approval-seeking means a thing. Go ahead. Dude.

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