Some good experiences, some not so good.
Anna Maria Ballester

Some good experiences, some not so good.

I know the feeling. I have had some exposure to femsplaining and micro-aggression over my being male myself. Actually, quite a bit of it. Truth be told, a lifetime of it. I learned long ago to get right in its face and call it the rude, sexist, ill-brought-up conduct it is, and make it clear I won’t tolerate it. I’ve actually had to do that a lot, since around say, 1975 or so?

You’d be amazed how many women never had it even occur to them that being cruel, mocking and derisive toward a man was not some civil right they had. And being challenged directly on it in the moment by a man, I think was the most surprising experience a lot of them ever had.

As for mansplaining, I’m real good at that. I quite literally do it for a living. We can get into that too, if you like.

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