Big Media’s Pro-Clinton Ministry of Propaganda
Traditional Tradesman

Whatever you may think of Trump’s personal sexual history, surely this isn’t an issue more important than foreign policy, the economy, education, immigration, media corruption or any of the other issues that Big Media has successfully distracted us from by swinging the election in Corporate Clinton’s favor at a critical juncture through a 24/7 sex-and-sleaze campaign that these same left-of-center media politicos were unified in condemning back when it was being done to Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

I love this, and for several reasons:

Chief among which is, it makes good common sense.

But also that, by my count between the first upper-case and the only period, this is a complex thought expressed within a single sentence, of some seventy-eight words.

There are those who would say, “keep it simple”, “nobody can keep up with that much verbiage”, etc, etc. Indeed, if one uses Twitter at all one has to find all sorts of ways, memes, comics, text-images, links, what have you, to broadcast complex thinking and layered argumentation from within a 140-character format. It can be done, it is being done, it is a kind of art form even.

But I simply have to admire and applaud, from one thinker-writer-poster-commenter to another, the intellectual integrity to stand on the shoulders of such giants as Washington Irving and Leo Tolstoy, and go right a-damn-head and compose single sentences which have so very much to say within them.

And if folks can’t keep up, if folks need things kept simple? TOO BAD. I say it’s long overdue, by generations, that we begin to outmatch their coddled, cliched, spoon-fed thinking with better thinking of our own, and compel them to ask themselves why this is.

We have a fine, fine intellectual tradition in this country and within western civilization as a whole, and we are witnessing to my personal horror, the mocking, dismantling, abuse and discrediting of it with every cyber-minute of simplistic gobbledygook that passes now as 21st century history.

Along with all the other things in that one sentence above which really do matter a lot more than a god-damn talk on a tour bus, I’d say near the top of that list, is the brain trust that we as ordinary people have inherited from that tradition, and preserving the language itself, and the rich vastness of the ideas it can be used to express, by expressing them as eloquently, and even as verbosely, as this author does on such a regular basis.

(how’s that for a run-on sentence, author?)

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