More or less a good article for someone riding the fence.
Blair Gilmore

I need to thank you, Blair Gilmore, for going after this Tracey personage in such manly and unapologetic terms. I have read a few of his things, and something always rubbed me the wrong way about them. He is one of this new fashion-craze of “I’m not a Trump supporter, but….” pseudo-journalists indulging gleefully in objectively-challenged punditry who remind me of the quote from a carpenter colleague of mine:

Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth.

A safe-siding fence-sitter pretending to be a reporter, this Michael character, branding himself as some kind of enlightened progressive while pandering to the right side of the aisle just in case his personal brand needs their favorable sentiments in some shifted-wind future where it becomes leftism that has people composing ridiculous and dangerous projectile-sanctimony prose like “deserve forceful censure….for holding views.”

Think about the intent behind that kind of rhetoric for a moment.

How dare he? How dare ANYONE posture as a “reporter” while making policy pronouncements about who does or does not deserve to keep their job because of what they think?

Are you now, or have you ever been……?

History can fill out the rest of that inquisition, I don’t need to.

Note to Mr Tracey: lose the idiotic avatar. Your output is borderline-reprehensible enough and I only read it because you do write fairly well, in freshman-comp terms. But WHAT you write, is nauseating. How you make yourself look with that gruesome cartoon, is preposterous.

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