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y’all attempted to invade our ally prior to that and y’all didn’t try it again afterwards.

I never said we didn’t have it coming, did I? Anyway, both our respective countries learned after that to use proxies to do our fighting for us, and on their own home ground. Either country only “intervened” when the proxies got too big for their britches from making fortunes selling heroin, and the weapons they were provided so generously.

That strategy sold a lot of arms and materiel for the profiteers on both sides, and gave us each all manner of excuses to send our young people around the world as agitators but call them “experts” and “advisers.”

Either the US or Russia pointing fingers and calling the other “imperialists”, is — well, you know the old saying about pots and kettles.

I just took the Cuba thing rather personally because I’m pretty sure my second birthday in October of 1962 must have been a rather muted affair, what with all this talk about missiles and bomb shelters and whatnot.

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