To your point “B” — do you really think it’s “good sense” to condemn an entire group of people…
Victoria Lamb Hatch

I own my biases and don’t try and disclaim them. Having people around whose religion orders them to blow shit up and stab and shoot people at random, yeah, makes me a tad nervous. That said, I eschew your use of “condemn”, a common enough shortcut in vocabulary that shifts focus in dialogue onto something another party has not said. Neither I nor the text of the sign in the photo “condemn” anyone: the sign suggests people who seem to make someone ill at ease go away, and I agree more than anyone here has yet given me credit for that yes, this is simplistic and bombastic, not to mention un-neighborly. Then again, stabbing a bunch of innocent people in a mall going about their business is damn un-neighborly too. I wonder why no one has included here the prospect that maybe the sign-maker has a personal reason to feel this way, as in a funeral to attend or loved one in an ICU?

And to those assuming my Trumpness or right-wingness or un-American-ness, I’ll deploy my owned biases without apology: FUCK OFF.

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