CNN is Blockbuster in the early days of Netflix

Game over.

I really don’t get how CNN even survived its own shameful mockery of journalism in Desert Storm 1991, with its khaki-casualed yuppie mouthpieces sitting in hotels in Riyadh reading the same press release of obvious lies every half hour and passing that off as being reporters.

Nor, why nobody seemed to get that its primary drive was to create unquenchable addiction to continual scandal-mongering with its brain-dead and obsessive over-non-coverage of the OJ Simpson trial three years later.

I saw it for what it was before probably a third of its current staff were even born: an American Pravda, and hardly even trying to pretend otherwise.

Those people were never journalists; CNN wouldn’t know a journalist if a real one fell on their heads. They are god-damn entertainers, and personally I have found their whole eighth-grade-level schtick beneath-intolerable for a quarter-century.

But, I reckon, there’s a CNN viewer born every minute.

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