I can’t believe this drivel.
Jhagi Bhai

Men don’t give other men those courtesies

I really wish people didn’t just assume this. Having worked mostly in all-male settings since the 70s I can attest that the degree of courtesy, decorum, modesty and respect men show men is of a degree I’ve not seen anywhere else. Decent and honest men like to do things they can afford to, for others. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed to “help a guy out”, and given that so many women take offense at a unilateral gesture of neighborliness as mundane as holding a door, it looks as if men have learned to do these things for one another because the ladies won’t have anything to do with it.

The consensus seems to be among many men, that what women want from us they want as obedience and compliance, not as respect and etiquette. We do manage to just go on and show these things to one another. Why so many of the ladies lost interest, and their own ladylike manners, most of us still don’t quite get. We figure, it’s their loss, and children’s by way of our mutual examples to them.

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