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I remember you, Lana, once making the entirely valid point that no one really believes in equality. That indeed, the very impetus of all endeavor, down to the simple purchase of a lottery ticket, is not to be anyone’s equal but quite the opposite: not to be stuck with being anyone’s equal should the chance not to be present itself.

For all the times I have been accused, both indirectly for my very existence and one-on-one by those who pretend to believe such tripe, of my having some “white male privilege”, most often I obfuscate and satirize and answer questions with other questions. But in my heart, I had agreed with you all along: if indeed I do have some mythic “privilege” which allows me to have the simple, basic, very low-cost way of life I so enjoy and intend to hang onto, which deprives no one else of anything and intrudes on no one’s capacity to live whatever way they choose, hell yes, I intend to keep it.

Why, exactly, shouldn’t I?