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Steve McGrath

“I have been informed” and “I have heard” form the basis for her vicious attack

I see I am not the only one to notice that.

Here’s this Yankee lady, fresh off the Watergate legal team (I expect she didn’t go into the part about how she was fired, while she was starting legal practice in what to her would have been the hick wilderness of Arkansas), and she goes around dropping names and acting the part of the northern intellectual. I wager there never was any such person as any of these so-called “experts”, but that she just swaggered into a small-town courtroom saying there was, to backwater officials who probably knew better than to try and dig too deep into the professional credibility of a feminist carpetbagger who gave the impression she knew people who knew people.

Everything about the case says she was openly holding her nose at the very idea of living and practicing law in the rural South. The thing that stands out more than anything, is that haunting sense that she really never gave a rat’s ass what happened to any of the parties in the case, as they were after all just a bunch of white trash Johnny Rebs, and not worth troubling one’s conscience over.

Which was a good thing for Mizz Rodham, as she never had one of those to begin with.

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