If you want to kill something, dig it out by the roots.
Mike Essig

Without people like him and his skills, a society is vulnerable at its roots. They have largely disappeared.

I see it a little differently. That sort of common-sense, resourceful folks are all over still. They just generally don’t speak English or consider George Washington any founding father of anything.

West of the Mississippi anyway, a primary survival skill in the American future will be fluency in Spanish, and for young men, a bit of caution about whose daughters to hit on.

America isn’t going anywhere, nor probably are its institutions and infrastructures, but the era of Anglophonic dominance of North America is already over. Not quite in the way these yuppie SJWs envision it where we all hold hands and sip double-lattes together while celebrating our diversity, but town by town and region by region, this is already a multi-cultural civilization in ways never imagined in the days of Manifest Destiny.

Only the Anglos have yet to figure that out. But successive generations of our descendants will, and will adapt themselves to being an insignificant but tolerated minority because this will simply be the circumstance as they find it.

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