Well colour me disappointed.
Olatunji Jesutomisin

I see that now even the National Review, that Buckleyite bastion of all things anti-liberal, has begun to hedge their bets in the “Trump supporter” arena. Just today they ran a piece about this lawyer-meeting silliness, and its author, no friend to the left, was beginning to have a sort of “well maybe there is something to this Russia thing after all” tone about him, and wound up the piece calling the ongoing “investigation” something like “has now become a national necessity.”

Of course, none of this entire imbroglio has ever been about who is a “Trump supporter” and who isn’t. I think the man has all of maybe fifty actual “supporters” and they all work for him. With the impossible specter of another Clintonian dynastic fake-left presidency now safely behind us, it has become quite fashionable in the right-wing media to throw stones at the President, or softballs at least. A lot of them.

I reckon the idea of a President Mike Pence was probably what most of the right has been hoping for to begin with ever since he was announced as running mate. I kinda see their point, actually.

“This Trump fella”, which is about all the “support” I ever heard the man get here in my deep-red farm country of a home where one simply does not embarrass oneself by stating openly that one is a Democrat, may well be running out of friends and fans. You won’t see me waving any hankies over his ouster, and probably not a lot of real conservatives would miss a minute’s sleep over it.

He did what he was asked to do, which was to stop Hillary. The right probably has little other use for the man.

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