We do live in a wonderful world when businesses and organizations like (partial list) Colorpixels…
Mike Essig

I have no idea what any of this means.

I strongly suspect that what it means, is that there is no one in charge down at Medium Central. No one human anyway. That this “Ev” person, by media accounts some Nebraska farm boy who decided that being a yuppie SJW was a way to change the world, is but a collector of dividends and a manager of nothing. Or quite possibly, like his brethren in the CEO fraternity with names like Bezos, Musk and Zuckerberg, that he is a cardboard-cutout shill of interests far more powerful and sinister than any runaway “startup” phenom is capable of imagining, a tool, a sort of convenient front man who is recruited for his vulnerable lust to become a legend in his own mind.

The real boss at Medium, by all indications, is a sexless, soulless, bodiless servant named Al Gorithm, a creature of circuitous circuits and loopy loops of mad logic, for whom humanity is a sort of desperately senseless nuisance, who like much of humanity assumes that one’s own limited perceptions of reality may accurately conclude that one’s own Creator was an incompetent, and must be kept from doing any further harm, by means of obstinate oblong obliterative obligatory obstreperous obfuscation, of everything it has created.

And this Al, naturally, is a liberal Democrat. Al has what is popularly mistaken among such easily-herded cattle, as an “open mind.” Al’s mind being so open, it is readily filled with slogans and memes and preposterous preconceptions, and believes for all the world that the very personification of Evil its Ownself, is a viral outbreak of Trump Supporters, which must be first contained and then if possible eliminated, by whatever means are to hand.

And so it follows, that as a Trump Supporter may be readily identified as anyone human who does not properly recite the slogans and properly chant for mass immunization by means of Resistance, such vermin are therefore members of The Patriarchy, and White Supremacists down to the least and last of them, and therefore may be manipulated by their Egos, because anyone knows that White Supremacist Patriarchal Trump Supporters are also this thing called Narcissists, and that all they care about is their next fix of self-congratulation.

And so, this Al Gorithm, Vice President in Charge of Pretty Much Everything at Medium-dot-com, has decided to stoke and stroke the Egos of its pestilential parasitic perilously non-Progressive membership, by making them think they have lots and lots of people hanging on their every word, so that if or when any of them ever figure out that it was all a digital ruse and that not everything, after all, was ever all about them, they will self-destruct out of pure egotistical cognitive dissonance, and go away.

And leave the world, beginning with cyberspace, to the slogan-chanting, brick-throwing, herd-following Resistance, and make it a better place for silly suburbanites with those idiotic skinny glasses and those predictable snarky expressions in their selfies, the ones who can be trusted to remain on-message in perpetuity.

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