Rebuttal to Can Businesses Turn LGBT People Away Because of Who They Are?
Son of Roxie

I totally don’t get how this (yet another) idiotic, made-up conflict even came to be a thing at all. I do business, and I do it with whom I damn well please, or I don’t. Just go ahead and try to force me to build a porch or renovate a bathroom for someone I turned down, go ahead, make my day.

And you may note, that I never have nor never will find myself beholden to anyone, to give my reasons. No, means “no.” (Where’d I hear that before…?)

And when the papers from the law firm arrive? After I’m done with my sustained belly laugh at the sheer effrontery of such naked profiteering, I’ll throw them in the kindling bucket, where I put all my junk mail.

The ones I, strangely, have the most contempt and the least sympathy for, are the business people. Instead of wringing their hands and offering their moralistic disclaimers and having their little prayer meetings about saving the world from sinners, why didn’t they just say (wait for it….) “NO”, and call it a day? To whom, and for what possible motive, did they ever owe any explanation over any part of how they choose to run their outfit?

Frankly, that alone leads me to suspect that the virtue-signalling and cause-mongering is going both ways in these cases.

God damn it, I’m so sick of these staged ideological showdowns. I want to take ALL participants in them and knock their fool heads together. That just isn’t any way to conduct oneself among one’s neighbors, neither the grievance-hunting, litigious gays nor the Bible-thumping cake bakers.

The whole affair gets (yet another) big “W” for WHAT-EVARRRRR.

What is, after all, wrong with people?

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