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I used to write for A Voice For Men, or at least managed to get some eight pieces published there, several years ago. At first I took it as a breakthrough opportunity, I felt like a “real writer” and all. Of the ones they ran, some were research-based pieces all lit up with hypertext and they passed as a halfway-respectable stab at news analysis.

I was pleased with myself and all when each one came out, but the comments were telling in their own way: mostly of a cheerleading, confirmed-bias nature, in that special tone one finds in the manosphere which amounts in aggregate to “yeah, feminism = BAD.” Most of them made it clear that the commenters hadn’t really read the piece thoroughly or thoughtfully, hadn’t followed the source links, and were reacting to isolated text within them that shored up their pre-set opinions.

But the one that garnered the most comments by far, was one called “Male Anger Is Not A Crime”, which was pure op-ed, citing not a single source, and even tilted toward the realm of pure rant. I think what people liked the most was the title itself. I probably could have arranged a New York City phone book or Betty Crocker cookbook into paragraph form to pass as the body of the thing, and got the same feedback.

Actually, my favorite source people cite is a page called “404 error — File Not Found”. That one, and the endless opportunity to speculate on what sinister conspiracy resulted in something disappearing from the web, probably speaks to what people are looking for in what they read online better than anything.

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