No I don’t have any counter argument.
Svetlana Voreskova

a perfect example of ideology taking on a life of its own and surviving and growing even when the leaders are no longer particularly pushing it. The gears of the ideology are still revolving and the administrative machine still promotes the failed system because that is what the machine is programmed to promote.

I wanted to add another few points, Svetlana Voreskova, in hopes that our hosts’ illegible notifications system gets both of them to your attention.

Look at that quote from you above here: you were talking about communism and Brezhnev and all that, but the frightening thing is that years back by now, I was coming to the exact same conclusion about how VAWA policies and their reign of terror operate in the American legal system.

In short: nobody means it.

Nobody believes that this many women really are in that kind of danger, nobody believes that the system is reaching the ones who are, nobody believes that every other child custody case is genuinely anchored in a mother’s dire need to “get out while she still can”, nobody believes these self-admiring opportunists with their webinars and their LinkedIn groups and for whom their alleged My Abuser looks like the best thing that ever happened to their careers…

It’s all a steaming pile of bullshit, and everyone on official payroll knows it. And so do a lot of other folks.

I have had discussions with actual rape survivors and abuse victims, at length, in which they were the ones saying that VAWA amounts to a colossal fraud actively preventing real protections for women, and the re-opening of backlogged rape-kit cases, or causing the domestic violence industry to do its job instead of partying and cronying away its funds on an assembly-line scale.

I have spoken with (female) courthouse staffers, who first look around for who might overhear them, and then offer me a hushed, “between you and me, half of these women are just making it up…”

I have spoken to more than one attorney, who would quite glibly state that all the hoops a guy has to jump through to prove he isn’t the “next OJ” are moronic and probably egregiously anti-constitutional, but hey, that’s how we play ball in this league….

And worse, the ones who DO believe or at least say they do, are the ones who are raking in the (“non-”)profits and racking up the PC career points: social workers, women’s lobbies, feminist politicians, gender-studies teachers; the sort for whom this “eradicating violence against women” would spell mostly for them the sacrificing of their Sacred/Cash Cow.

Just as communist regimes had always been and continue to be complicit in the worst offenses by capitalists and imperialists, going all the way back to The Sealed Train affair, so DV people and gender-studies people and liberal lawmakers have not the least intention of doing anything but continuing their free ride on their own sealed gravy train. The more “violence against women“ shows up on the official record, the more legitimate their position appears to be and certainly the more secure it actually is. They have every interest in fabricating and exaggerating and “just-in-case”-ing every case that comes to their attention, and absolutely no compelling interest in truly reducing the numbers or really making any woman safer.

The parallels between the VAWA reign of political terror, and the Stalinist one, are staggering, and undeniable. And no more than any Brezhnev-era official was going to un-butter their bread by calling the whole god-damn thing a fiasco, is anyone in government (be they executive, legislative or judiciary in their roles) fixin’ to stand up and say “VAWA has to go, it’s a travesty.”

And they are all thinking it, I can almost hear them. And have been ever since the 112th Congress that got terrorized by shouts of “war on women” into re-authorizing it. But none will dare say it. Even then, the few opponents the thing had in Congress were just splitting hairs over this line item or that Indian-tribes provision, while not one just called it the gargantuan failure on the whole that it so obviously is.

It’s that last part, the voluntary mass self-muzzling over the obvious, which I find the most horrific parallel of all between communism and the VAWA catastrophe. Where will a thing whose dogmas and slogans cause the thing to just keep running itself, take us, when none dares simply call it what it is?

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